A small jar full of deliciousness! Cake and buttercream (some fillings depending on flavour) perfect as a pre packaged dessert or a movie snack! About the same amout as 2 cupcakes!

Vanilla (vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream)

Dealth by chocolate (chocolate cake, choc buttercream, chocolate filling)

Mint Chocolate (chocolate cake, mint buttercream Candy cane sprinkles)

Cookies n Cream (Chocolate cake, cookie crumb buttercream, oreo cookie crumbs)


Cup of Cake!!

Select flavour
  • We will be traveling down to the south of Alberta on Dec 21st
    We will stop at 3 locations. We drive a bright pink delivery van so you cant miss us.  We will have markers for 2m social distancing.  Masks mandatory for pick up. Pick up will be zero contact. See below for pick up addresses and times.
    2:30-3pm - Airdrie - Roxy Theatre 407-121 Main Street SW
    4-5pm - Calgary - 417 Cranford Walk SE (Cranston Area)
    5:30-6pm - Calgary Harvest Hills Canadian Brewhouse 1200-9650 Harvest Hills BLVD NE Calgary
    Please email info@cakenight.ca if you need to make arrangements for a different time/date pick up, we will try to accomidate.