XLG Christmas Platter presented on Christmas Plate or packages in reusable container, wrapped and tied with ribbon. Ready to gift or keep for your self. Approx 100 peices of baking. Assorted. Shortbread


Magic cookie bars

Candy cane bark


Raspberry squares

Butter tarts

Lemon tarts

Sugar cookies

Nanaimo bars

Peanut butter marshmallow squares

Thimble cookies

Coconut macaroons

Festive pretzel sticks

Cranberry orange nuts and bolts

X Large (Your Choice of Packaging) 100 Pieces of Baking

Type Of Packaging
Dec 21st Pick Up Options
  • We will be traveling down to the south of Alberta on Dec 21st
    We will stop at 3 locations. We drive a bright pink delivery van so you cant miss us.  We will have markers for 2m social distancing.  Masks mandatory for pick up. Pick up will be zero contact. See below for pick up addresses and times.
    2:30-3pm - Airdrie - Roxy Theatre 407-121 Main Street SW
    4-5pm - Calgary - 417 Cranford Walk SE (Cranston Area)
    5:30-6pm - Calgary Harvest Hills Canadian Brewhouse 1200-9650 Harvest Hills BLVD NE Calgary
    Please email info@cakenight.ca if you need to make arrangements for a different time/date pick up, we will try to accomidate.