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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a credit from a previous CakeNight?

  • Please contact us via email, phone, txt, facebook message, or instagram message. We will be able to help you!!

How long is my CakeNight credit good for?

  • Your Credit is good for as long as we are hosting CakeNight (so forever ;)

  • If you are not comfortable on returning to Cakenight just yet, that is just fine. Hold onto your credit until you are.

  • You can also use your credit for our Take and Make decorating kits which is a take home version of CakeNight with instructional video.

Do we need to bring anything with us?

  • You don't need to bring anything with you! At CakeNight everything is provided for you! 

Can 2 people work on the same cake?

  • all attendees must have a paid spot (with the exception of the parent/child CakeNight where it is indicated as such on the website)

  •  The cakes are a 6" round and there isn't enough decorating for 2 people.

What flavour are the cakes?

  • Each cake is 1 layer of choc, 1 layer of vanilla with a buttercream filling

Are the cakes buttercream or fondant?

  • Most cakes are a combination of both buttercream and fondant, yes some are one or the other.

I have never decorated a cake before, can i do this?

  • YES!! We promise you can. There is no experience required to come to CakeNight! We take you through step by step and help if you need it. You will surprise yourself!

Can kids come to CakeNight?

  • We have "parent and child" CakeNight specifically for kids ages 6-12. At these events the child decorates the cake with the help of a parent or adult. For these events you only need to pay for the child making the cake, but each child needs their own cake. 1 adult can bring 2 children.

  • For regular CakeNights at our Sherwood Park Studio, 12 and up are welcome to attend with an adult also registered in the CakeNight. Please keep in mind that these CakeNights are geared towards adults and are chance for adults to let loose and have some fun, so adult humour and joking are more than likely!

  • For a CakeNight at The Canadian Brewhouse, please check that the location you would like to attend does allow minors in. It may say minors allowed until 8pm, we go till just before 9 and we have been told they must be out before 9, which we make sure of. Again Minors must be accompanied by an adult also registered in the CakeNight. Both child and adult must a spot in the CakeNight to attend.

When will next months CakeNights be posted?

  • We aim to have the next months CakeNights up by the end of the month. So end of February will see the April CakeNights posted

  • we send out an email to our subscribers once they are released. Sometimes a release email will go out to subscribers as well

Are CakeNight tickets refundable?

  • No CakeNight tickets are non refundable. In the event you can no longer attend a CakeNight you are more than welcome to pass off the tickets to someone else. If 1 weeks notice is given we can try to move you to another CakeNight that is available.

Can I book a private CakeNight?

  • Absolutely! We offer private bookings for all ages! Whether its a kids birthday party, office party, bachelorette party, or just a fun night out! To book a private party at our Sherwood Park Studio you need a min of 6 and we can host up to 14 people. For 15 or more people we can come to you if you have the space available that is required, we also work closely with The Canadian Brewhouse and can book a private area there as well. The cost of a private CakeNight is $50/person. Contact us today to find a date!

  • If you are looking to book a private CakeNight and you are not in the Edmonton area, please contact us via email to discuss your options!

How long is my cake good for?

  • The cake you decorate at CakeNight is baked fresh for you. The shelf life of a cake is 5-7 days with just buttercream and 7-10 days when covered in fondant.  We suggest keeping it refrigerated as the buttercream is made with real butter, however up to 24 at room temp is just fine.

  • You can also freeze the cakes no problem to enjoy at a later date. Just allow 24 hours for the cake to defrost and don't touch it while it is "sweating" and coming back to room temperature.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Send us an email!

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